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What is Ask A Cop?

As part of the mission of Police and Fire Chaplains Collab (PFC), we are producing Ask A Cop, a live call-in radio program and monthly podcast designed to build continuing relationships between officers and the community.


This monthly live program airs locally on God's Way Radio,104.7 FM and nationwide through the God's Way Radio app. Podcast formats of these episodes are now available via Spotify and other podcast platforms. See our episodes below!

About the initiative

Ask A Cop is live and unscripted. Each episode gives other officers and the community a window into a police officer's world and provides authentic community engagement with law enforcement professionals.


Listeners can relate by asking questions, hearing some of their own struggles, and finding solutions. Despite preconceived notions, these men and women, who serve and protect, are approachable and eager to answer questions. This resource provides meaningful engagement for officers, their families, and the community.  


As chaplains, we have witnessed the immeasurable rewards of simply sitting down and having these positive conversations. We hope you will partner with us on this venture of connecting with the world of law enforcement. If you would like to learn more and support Ask A Cop, click below. 


Join us in prayer as we embark on this venture.


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