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 PFC Vision                       

  • Police and Fire Chaplains Collab (PFC) exists to guide chaplains in understanding the mission;  by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve law enforcement and fire families with confidence and excellence. 

 The Chaplain Mission                      

  • Connect and organize current Chaplains.

  • Develop trusting relationships.

  • Equip and train with excellence and consistency.

  • Assist in the development of new programs.

  • Prepare for large multi-agency crisis response.

 PFCI Philosophy                       

PFC is a Christian faith-based organization. Our passion and calling come from a gratitude of all that Jesus Christ has done for us. Jesus loves us unconditionally and that is what we believe is the our source of direction and strength. 

Effective chaplains should be a vital aspect of each and every Law Enforcement and fire agency.


These chaplains will be trusted and valued by their respected agencies.  The Chaplain’s relationships with Officers, Support Staff, and Families will be prioritized and evident through his/her daily activity and interaction. Because of these trusted and valued relationships, the Chaplains should be the individuals that are relied upon in moments of crisis.

Effective chaplains are capable of providing safe and confidential support in both preventative interaction and in the midst of the challenging situations and circumstances that will impact every member of the first responders world.


PFC has developed a Chaplain Training Standard,  which clearly defines basic level training expectations as well as provides ongoing training levels for all Chaplains.

All active chaplains must be prepared for every situation and must therefore be trained to an appropriate level of competence.


PFC will provide opportunities for additional accountability within agencies.

  • We will not replace the primary accountability structure within current agencies but will provide ongoing and additional connection points for chaplains.

  • These opportunities will ensure ongoing growth, consistent expectations to maintain a high level of maturity and character for individual chaplains.


PFC is a collaborative group of chaplains currently serving local police and fire departments.

  • This is founded on the truth that “wisdom in a multitude of counselors.”  The goal is to constantly provide shared materials, resources, personnel, and training.

  • A shared resource mindset will increase our effectiveness as we serve our Law Enforcement  and Fire community.


PFC can assist with the development of new chaplain programs.

  • We will provide needed guidelines, structure, and strategy to initiate an effective chaplain program. Every agency is different and every agency will have a unique culture.

  • However, there are always specific non-negotiables in the establishment of a chaplain program.


PFC will come alongside participating chaplains to support and serve them and their agency in the midst of a large crisis incident.  


  • This response is specific to Law Enforcement and Fire personnel and their families.

  • When a crisis requires more assistance than current chaplain teams can manage, we will be available, upon request, to respond with known and qualified PFCI affiliated chaplains.


PFC chaplains will offer academy training, ongoing officer wellness resources and training such as marriage, financial seminars and more.


In addition various community events will be planned to provide officers an informal setting where they can be refreshed. 


PFC chaplains will be trained and offer ongoing officer wellness resources as police or fire chaplains with different departments throughout our city.  As crisis trained chaplains they will continue to be available during critical incidents, as well as provide instruction in many areas such as how to struggle well, marriage, financial seminars and more.


In addition various community events will be planned to provide officers an informal setting where they can be refreshed. 


We seek to build and strengthen partnerships with more agencies and community organizations. Being able to work with qualified mental health professionals that understand first responders, as well as offer ongoing marriage retreats, financial seminars, outdoor therapy environments, video resources, and many more resources. Our dream includes operating a retreat center to offer retreats, training, and outdoor activities to facilitate spiritual conversations and healing.

We are praying for additional team members, for current and new chaplains, raising ministry support, and for God to provide funding for PFC through individual/church/business donations and grants.

The funds go to cover expenses such as outreach events like BBQ’s, emergency funds to help officers/family in crisis, critical incident responses, or other expenses incurred while serving. Funding supports the many efforts to care for personnel without being a burden to the agencies. This also creates a huge win for agencies that have a partnership with PFCI to further the wellness of officers, staff, and families. 

Additionally, funding goes to chaplains as they receive support from individuals, churches, and businesses to fund ministry and personal expenses just like international missionaries do, but in this case as missionaries that serve law enforcement. 

To do all of this requires a leap of faith and trust in God. We welcome your prayers and support.


For more information call Adrian Caballero at 786-348-4001 or  


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